The “The Memory & the Blessing” Edition

Maybe no one is a better symbol of how Israel is changing (and did more to cause this change) than Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, who died this week at 83.


  • Elohai – Kobi Oz
  • Hakitzoti – Elitzur Goldsmith

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3 comments on “The “The Memory & the Blessing” Edition

  1. josh schor says:

    Rabbit Stenisaltz.
    Do you have a transcription of this wonderful episode. I need copy of the segment around 30 minutes when Rabbi speaks about Bible vs Talmud outlook of Zionism and the failings of being a Prophet .
    Thanks Josh (longtime listener, TLV1 patron and friend of the Mirchins).

    1. TLV1 says:

      Unfortunately we do not have transcriptions of our podcasts. Hopefully in the future.

    2. Ellen Brull says:

      Wonderful – I want to read his writings now.

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