The “Ushpizin” Edition

Photo: Miriam Alster/FLASH90

There is an ancient tradition on Sukkot, which is to say now, called Ushpizin, an aramaic word that means “Guests”, and at its simplest, it means that one invites guests of all sorts, including anyone around who needs a meal, to eat with you in your Sukkah. But already in the 16th century, and maybe long before that, Kabbalists and mystics had symbolicized the thing, saying that when you sit in your Sukkah the Shekhinah , the divine presence, draws righteous heroes from history into your sukkah.

Join us for a podcastilogical Ushpizin, constructed of 100% reused, renewed and recycled old episodes (because that’s how much we care!)

Wild brilliance by one of our great composers, Aviya Kopelman, the youngest ever person to win the Prime Minister Prize for composition!


  • Forty Something
  • Smile
  • Future
  • Neon Lights
  • Kindness & Courage
  • Gentle & Sincere

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