The “New Worlds & Old” Edition

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Allison Kaplan Sommer, Don Futterman and Noah Efron discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

Half a Dozen Foreign Ministers
Not long ago, who could even imagine that the foreign ministers of Bahrain, the UAE, Morocco, Egypt, the US and Israel would all gather in the Negev desert to talk about creating a middle-eastern “mini-NATO” alliance?

Jewish Character?
Why worry about the “Jewish character” of Israel at all?

A Peep at the Past
Israel’s greatest cult movie, Metzitzim (Peeping Toms) turns 50 this month. Why has so bleak and disagreeable a film been so popular for so long?

Unpacking AIPAC
For our most unreasonably generous Patreon supporters, in our extra-special, special extra discussion: MK Alon Tal tells the AIPAC Israel lobby that the time has come to stop supporting American legislators who think the last American election was stolen from Donald Trump. Does he have a point?

All this and the R&B and rock’n’roll of The Bench!


  • Mosquito
  • You’ll Never Be Mine
  • Nuweiba
  • Hi Girl

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5 comments on “The “New Worlds & Old” Edition

  1. Dave Thomas says:

    I got flustered half way through, whereas Don is a government worker, I think that Nelson Mandela would say, please give me oral pleasure and return the land to Arabs and Don, poor Mr. Don, he would not hesitate for even a second

  2. David says:

    Another dialogue:
    “F u p-word”
    “I know, I serve my woman . I have already given in to the female camp. Now, do I have your respect?”
    “Grow some balls, you are not a man”
    “I am going to watch TV in the living room.”
    “This is not ‘your’ room, go to your ‘man cave'”.
    {Please, take that American b.s., and leave Israel forever}

  3. Dave Thomas says:

    You know how much a man cave costs every month? How bout female products? You know ..

  4. Dave Thomas says:

    Dear Mr. Don, There is simply no way we can go on if you do not change your ways:

  5. Dave Thomas says:

    Wow, I have been drinking alot, but I was almost tempted to give respect to Don Futterman for the position he has held, politically. What a fool I am, Adonai , please never let me make the mistake of respecting humans over you
    אשרי יושב ביתך

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