The “Heroism of the Milker” Edition

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In this very-special episode, Noah tells the story of a kibbutz that surrendered to the Egyptian army in 1948, and the wounds that have never really healed.

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4 comments on “The “Heroism of the Milker” Edition

  1. Asher-Chaim says:

    I am in the USA, where it is the eighth day of Pesach, a day of Yizkor, sacred memory.
    Thank you, Noah, for your beautiful crafting of words and memory, helping me to unlock the gates of holy, cleansing tears.

    Zichram Baruch, both the memories of those who died and those who had to go on living marked with the blood of their brothers (much like the bird of the ritual of the purification from Tzara’at, who flies away after being dipped into the blood of an identical bird.)

    1. Noah Efron says:

      What a lovely thing for you to write, Asher-Chaim, and to write so beautifully. I am grateful. It is true that there is something very powerful about the suffering of those who lived on, rebuilt their lives and their kibbutz, raised children, and yet never fully recovered from those days in June, 1948.

  2. Michael says:

    I am an Ashkeloni, and a regular listener. I second the writer of the previous comment. Your writing and your delivery were so well crafted, as they have been so many times in your opening comments that relate to history on the podcast. Thank you, Very grateful fan.

    1. Noah Efron says:

      An Ashkeloni, breathing just the same air that those people breathed in 1948 (and that many of them continue to breathe today). What a thing.

      I have to tell you that it is remarkable to me, moving and beautiful, that you took the time to find this website to write a kind word. Who shows that kind of generosity to a disembodied voice on a podcast? The kindness of it is not lost on me – Thank you.

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