The “A Sovereign Jewish State after 2,000 Years, and All I Got was this Lousy Podcast” Edition

Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Allison, Don, Ohad, Amit, Linda, Jeremy & Noah talk about what Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, means to them, on the eve of Israel’s 74th.

All that and old Songs of Independence, made new again!


  • Shir ha-Emek — Nadav Hollander & Magas HaKetzev
  • Shibolim — Ha-Shibolim 
  • Sa Le-At —  Mika Karni 
  • Shalom Lach Eretz Nehederet — Sheygetz

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3 comments on “The “A Sovereign Jewish State after 2,000 Years, and All I Got was this Lousy Podcast” Edition

  1. Gail Korostoff says:

    Dear Noah,

    Sometimes you go on for too long, sometimes you are too combative with your guests, but this episode’s chapter that you contributed about the brochure from your original garin brought me to tears when I heard it, and then again when i told several others about it. Having made Aliya with a garin from Habonim Dror to Kibbutz Gezer (with Roxanne Halper, who you must know), it captured our dreams and aspirations so beautifully. I didn’t stay, and returned to the states in 1989, but my daughter made Aliya 8 years ago and joined Dror Yisrael, and I cried when I told her about this piece. She’s carrying on those dreams, as are you and your guests and all of us who contributed some part to the Zionist project.

    Thank you

    1. Noah Efron says:


      So lovely of you to take the time, to write so encouragingly. I think we can both agree that it is not just *sometimes* that I go on too long, so I doubly appreciate your kindness. I was so happy to hear about your daughter, and that she seems to have found her place here. Those Dror Yisrael people are such an inspiration, doing so much good for so many people.

      It’s funny, I just saw Roxanne the other night, at the shira ba-tzibbur evening at Alon Tal’s house. Next time, I’ll get the skinny from her, all about you. In the meanwhile, I am touched and grateful that you wrote.


    2. Sheldon Levitt says:

      Hi Noah
      I’m a huge fan of the podcast. I often listen while snowshoeing or kayaking on a lake a few hours north of Toronto. I listened to the latest episode while on jog – and nearly had to stop (choked) after Linda’s story about the rose.
      And then came yours. Toooo long. Listen to your other guests, hold back a bit and don’t overwhelm them. The podcast would then be perfect.
      Keep up the great work. I look forward to your book that you refer to – when can we expect it.
      Thanks for listening!

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