The “Alon Again, Naturally” Edition

Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Allison Kaplan Sommer, Linda Gradstein and Noah Efron discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

Shireen Abu Akleh, Z”L
After Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian Al-Jazeera reporter, was shot and killed in cross-fire outside Jenin, everyone was sure they knew who pulled the trigger.

A Bitter Cabbage Pill to Swallow
Can a government without a majority do its job?

Plus Climat Change, Plus C’EST la Même Chose
Is a bad climate bill worse than no bill at all?

The Death of A Colleague
For our most unreasonably generous Patreon supporters, in our extra-special, special extra discussion: Linda and Allison talk about the sorts of relationships that evolve between Israeli and Palestinian journalists, and how they experience Shireen Abu Akleh’s killing as the death of a colleague.

All this and songs about cats, by Keren & Tammuz!


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  • Mama Tuna
  • Hatul Zevel
  • Tzipor Omedet

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