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Sally, Miriam, Ohad, Don and Noah tell stories of people who made and make our lives worth living. Plus, duets and collaborations by singers we love. (If the stories sound familiar, it is because, as renowned folklorist Joseph Campbell said, there are tales that live deep in our collective unconscious, that all of us know without being told. That, and because we’ve played them on the podcast in the past.)

All this and duets and collaborations by singers we love!


  • Giant Heart, Rotem Bar Or & Daniella
  • Yeled Mizdaken, Doron Talmon & Avraham Lagasa
  • Shnaim ba-Makom, Romi Mor and Shazamat,
  • Love without a Story, Faraj Suleiman and Mouna Hawa

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1 comment on “The “People” Edition

  1. Erika Marcus says:

    I shared this episode in the Young Judaea alumni
    Facebook groups. The Mel stories in particular will resonate with us all and brought tears to my eyes. I worked under him as a madricha one summer, an experience of a lifetime. My own boys are at Tel Yehudah now and his presence is definitely still missed.

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