The “This City We Love So Well!” Edition

Photo: Yossi Aloni/Flash90

In this 100% reused-reduced-recycled episode, Noah bloviates about Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the city we love so well!

The Pussycat Club 

Coffee Lab 

Tal Tenne Czaczkes

Tel Aviv’s City Council Debates Things that Matter

Bartleby in Tel Aviv 

The Boteach Sex Store 

The Bus on Ben Yehuda

Theodor Herzl’s Funeral Pal

The Hotel Where Eichmann Slept

Up in the Old Palatin Hotel

(Plus music of the city, by the city, for the city!)


  • Jane Bordeaux and Amir & Ben – Tel Aviv zeh Ani ve-At
  • Benaia Barabi – Tel Aviv ba-Laila
  • Korine Alal and Micky Gavrielov — Samba Ibn Gavirol
  • Eden Ben Zaken – Ba-Rechovot shel Tel Aviv
  • Jasmin Moallem – Tel Aviv
  • Hila Ruach – Tel Aviv

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