The “75” Edition

Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The crew tell share stuff in celebration of Israel’s 75th Independence Day! Plus, one great song from each decade!

Songs from Paskol Shelishi, New songs inspired by Survivors

First Decade: He’amini Yom Yavo, Yaffa Yarkoni  (1948)

Second Decade: Kol ha-Shavua Lach, Ha-halonot ha-gevohim (1967)

Third Decade: YoYa, Kaveret (1973)

Fourth Decade: Mihakim Lamashiach, Shalom Hanoch (1985)

Fifth Decade: Zan Nadir, Corrine Alal (1992)

Sixth Decade:  Bo’ee, Idan Raichel Project (2002) 

Seventh Decade: Malkat ha-Shoshanim, Eden Ben Zakken (2015)

Eight Decade: She-Rak Tehayekh, Yuval Dayan (2021)

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