The “Power of the Eurovision” Edition

Photo: Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

In honor of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the crew shares thoughts and memories about one of the most important events of year!


Lesser-known, but still great, songs from the Eurovision

  • 1973 – Shlomo Artzi, At ve-Ani. 11th Place 
  • 1989 – Gili ve-Galit, Derekh Hamelekh. 12th Place
  • 2000 – Ping Pong, Sameah!. 22nd Place
  • 2009 – Ahinoam Nini & Mira Awad, Einayich / There Must Be Another Way. 7th Place
  • 2020 – Eden Alena, Feker Libi. Contest Cancelled for Corona

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