The “Women & Other Living Things” Edition

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Miriam Herschlag, Gilad Halpern and Noah Efron discuss two topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

Women & the War
Gender’s gotten weird (even weirder than usual) in this war. Miriam Schler, Executive Director of the Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center, joins us to make sense of it.

That Thing About the Muses
So many paintings, songs, poems, sculptures, site exhibits, and plays have been made since October 7. But why?

The Rape and Other Sexual Violence That Took Place on October 7
For our most unreasonably generous Patreon supporters, in our extra-special, special extra discussion: We talk about rape and other sexual violence on October 7 with Miriam Schler, Executive Director of the Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center.

All that and weddings, weddings, weddings.

(Plus, if you can, maybe give something to the Sexual Assault Crisis Center, which is struggling to meet the massive demand for its services)


  • Shir Zoaretz — Bo Nitzlol 
  • Yaakov Picard — Hitna‘ari 
  • May Sfadia — Bo HaBayta

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1 comment on “The “Women & Other Living Things” Edition

  1. Jessica Kaz says:

    Thank you so very much for all of your episodes since the war started. I’ve been listening to the podcast for over 8 years every week. Your voices are a big part of my Shababt prep. I lived in israel for many years, my kids are Young Judaeans (Midwest)And – Noah, you single handily are my bridge to The Israel I love. Hearing your voice crack with emotion since the start of the war is deeply beautiful. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to much of Israel news in Hebrew. It’s your voices I ache for. While I’m chocking up here, I have to say how grateful I am that you hosted Sally Abed over the years. She’s opened a whole world to me. My understanding of Palestinians changed dramatically. I also love the music you share!! I A HUGE a thank you!!!

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