israel in translation

“A Bride for One Night”: A Talmudic Tale by Ruth Calderon

In honor of the Purim custom of reading the Book of Esther, this episode features an excerpt from Ruth Calderon’s short story “A Bride for One Night”.

An Elegant Professor: Ruby Namdar’s “The Ruined House”

Ruby Namdar’s novel “The Ruined House” centers on an esteemed professor and is uncannily timely in how it dovetails with the #MeToo movement.

Travels Through Language: The Poetry of the Jerusalem Light Rail

Each of the 23 stops of the Jerusalem Light Rail’s red line features a poem, translated into Arabic, Hebrew, and English. We’ll devote this episode to some of these pieces.

I Live in an Old Book: Poems by Haim Gouri

Poems by the late Haim Gouri, the last poet of Israel’s founding generation.

For the Sake of the Homeland: Nava Semel’s “Paper Bride”

Nava Semel’s “Paper Bride” paints a vivid portrait of British Palestine in the 1930s, seen through the eyes of an illiterate boy.

A Translator Poet: Peter Cole’s “Hymns and Qualms”

Peter Cole is a poet and translator who has recreated Spain’s golden age of Jewish culture and adapted tenth-century Arabic-language poetry to 21st-century English so skillfully that the lines sing.

And The Rat Laughed: Remembering Writer Nava Semel

Excerpts from the novel “And The Rat Laughed,” by the late Nava Semel. Her work was the first to address the topic of the so-called “Second Generation”— children of Holocaust survivors. Nava passed away in December 2017.

In Memory of a Life: Aharon Appelfeld’s “The Story of a Life”

Excerpts from a memoir by the acclaimed writer, who passed away last week at 85.

Tale of Two Friends: “Bliss” by Ronit Matalon

Ronit Matalon’s “Bliss: A Novel” uses flashbacks to tell the story of Sarah, a politically active photographer, and Ofra, a selfless graduate student.

An Infusion of Religious, Secular, and Sensual Registers: Poems by Esther Ettinger

We end 2017 with an infusion of religious, secular, biblical, and sensual registers and sensibilities as we enter the poetic world of Esther Ettinger.