israel in translation

Special: Children’s Book Recommendations

Host Marcela Sulak’s daughter, Amalia, gives her top three children’s book recommendations for the holidays.

Fear and Glory: Rosh Hashanah’s “Unetanneh Tokef”

Today’s episode is about the story behind the prayer we most usually associate with Rosh Hashanah, “Unetanneh Tokef.”

Symbol and Struggle: Poetry from Eli Eliahu

Eli Eliahu has described his poetry as “a documentation of the struggle of the individual against” of “a very stressed, crowded, violent and noisy country.”

From A to Z and Everything in Between: “Letters” Poetry

This week, host Marcela Sulak features Israeli poetry from the current issue of a special international journal based in Israel called “The Ilanot Review.”

Humanity, Frail and Flawed: A Poem of Repentance

In the Jewish month of repentance, it seems a fitting time to read from Solomon Ibn Gabirol’s poem about human frailty and proclivity to sin.

The Other World in “The World of the End”

These hot weeks of summer, host Marcela Sulak will be suggesting some good beach reading, such as Ofir Touche Gafla’s novel, “The World of the End.”

Roy “Chicky” Arad’s Music and Political Poetry

Today’s episode features pieces from Roy “Chicky” Arad, whose works range from poetry and novels, to music and painting, to journalism and activism.

Studies in Possibility and Details of Reality: Adi Sorek

Adi Sorek’s work is described as subtle and musical, a study in a possibility and the tiny details that comprise the reality of being.

Yehezkel Kedmi’s “My People, Knowledge, and Me”

Host Marcela Sulak reads a long poem by Yehezkel Kedmi, called “My People, Knowledge, and Me,” translated by Ammiel Alcalay.

Nothing But the Truth: Yael Dayan’s “Transitions”

Yael Dayan’s memoir, “Transitions: Close Up,” translated by Maya Klein, is about losses and regrets, with fine focus on the detailed physical world.