Niv Elis

Israel First? How Immigration Helped Make and Could Break Israeli High-Tech

The story of how Israel’s immigration policy helped build the Start-up Nation, and why the same policies are now threatening that status.

Why Starbucks Failed in Israel

Why you won’t be sipping a Starbucks latte as you explore Jerusalem’s Old City, or cooling down on Tel Aviv’s beach with one of Starbucks’ famous Frappuccinos.

Israelis are crowdfunding their weddings and they don’t even know it

Israelis don’t do wedding gifts or registries, they give money instead – money the couple uses to help pay for the wedding.

Get in line, the first Coffix supermarket just opened

Last week, the first SuperCoffix opened – a fixed-price supermarket where all items cost up to 5 NIS.

Jews and Arabs build a sustainable oasis in the desert

TLV1’s Shoshi Shmuluvitz took a trip to Wadi Attir in Israel’s Negev desert, where she discovered why the project is so unique.

Diamonds and fur: What Israelis won’t spend on their dogs

You can’t step outside in Tel Aviv without treading on a pooch or its poop. Nothing comes between an Israeli his four legged friend.