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Israeli Poetry’s Brightest Flame

Lag B’Omer, the Jewish holiday of light celebrated by lighting bonfires, is coming up. We explore it through the poetry of Agi Mishol.

Dear mom, I fought for a Jewish state today

How the letters written by ordinary soldiers during Israel’s War of Independence give a glimpse into attitudes towards the emerging Jewish State.

What drives Israel’s lone soldiers

Foreigners have volunteered in the IDF for as long as it has existed, but what drives high school graduates from abroad to enlist in the Israeli Army today?

Landscape Orientalism: Early photography in the Holy Land

Dr. Edna Barromi Perlman talks about the landscape photography in Israel and how it became an effective political and ideological tool.

Everybody Hates the Jews!

Do most Israelis think that the whole world is against us? If so, how does that belief affect our politics?

The High Price of Hate

A study found that the benefit of ending the conflict would be $123 billion for Israel. Does knowing how much it costs bring us any closer to ending it?

Will China boycott Israeli settlements?

Beijing has refused to sign a bilateral agreement with Israel on construction workers unless it can be sure they won’t work in West Bank settlements.

In Nepal, when you can’t trust the ground beneath your feet

A month after Nepal’s most destructive earthquake, Shoshi Shmuluvitz went to Kathmandu and the remote Ramechhap district with an Israeli NGO.

Tal Nitzán’s interior design, exterior chaos

“… I went up to the roof / one day in May / a day that spread upon the sky a sheet / the shade of mustard of an orange of an H-bomb…”

Get in line, the first Coffix supermarket just opened

Last week, the first SuperCoffix opened – a fixed-price supermarket where all items cost up to 5 NIS.