tel aviv

The “I’m Not Your Toy (But Nix the Joy)!” Edition

We discuss 1) the clashes at the Gaza Border, in which IDF soldiers killed 61 Palestinians, while the new American Embassy was being dedicated in Jerusalem, 2) Jerusalem’s decision to ban a right-wing billboard for incitement, even as Tel Aviv-Jaffa allowed the billboards to dapple the city, and 3) why so many leftists responded to Netta Barzilai’s Eurovision song contest victory with mirthless bah-humbug-itude.

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The “Judaism: The Theme Park” Edition

We discuss 1) the horrid humanitarian crisis in Gaza and what to do about it, 2) activists’ demands to scrub a street name honoring a journalist who wrote that Sefaradi/Mizrahi immigrants were primitive in nature, and 3) plans for a new theme park dedicated to the wonders of Judaism!

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Why Starbucks Failed in Israel

Why you won’t be sipping a Starbucks latte as you explore Jerusalem’s Old City, or cooling down on Tel Aviv’s beach with one of Starbucks’ famous Frappuccinos

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