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Home is Where the Homework Is

The number of homeschooled Israeli kids increases 1,150% in ten years. What the hell is going on?

Send These, the Homeless, Tempest-Tost, the Bill!

Trump says to the UN that America won’t pay anymore for food, medicine, schools or homes for Palestinian refugees. PM Netanyahu says, yahoo, but most every other Israeli responds with quiet anxiety.

Symbolic Justice

President Rivlin decided to pardon 70 convicts in honor of Israel’s 70th year, and a high court justice decided to strike-down a sketchy murder conviction in honor of his retirement. Should such governmental pomp, circumstance & ceremony have any role in the administration of justice?

The Great, Digital Sort

Rich Israelis surf real estate sites, poor ones gamble on-line – Is the internet tearing Israeli society apart?

Just the Vax

Should it be illegal for kids in Israel to go to school, if they haven’t gotten their vaccines?

Faded Green?

As local Israeli elections loom, are we seeing a decline in enthusiasm for Green Parties?


Haaretz says all we need to do to implement a Two-State solution is to resettle 9,800 Jewish families. Have we overestimated how much Settlements are a barrier to peace?

Avoidably Detained

The Shabak holds up journalist Peter Beinart at Ben Gurion Airport for a “cautionary conversation” about the perils of anti-Occupation activism. Are we sliding swiftly down a slippery slope?

Living Small

Co-housing takes off in Israel, launching an age of what some call “Kibbutz 2.0.” Is this the result of an admirable embrace of communal values, or because young folks here are being crushed by the levers of capitalism?

Primum Non Nocere

Nurses strike to keep from being punched, slapped and stabbed. How did our hospital wards and clinics become so damn violent?