“Crossing the Red Sea”

Our debut episode of Why, Why, Why! features stories on the theme of “Crossing the Red Sea” told by Abe Silver, Jodi Davidovitch, Yaser Abu Areesha, Nancy Cahners, and Guy Sharett.


About the Show
An evening (and a podcast) of people sharing a true story for an audience while sipping a beer and pondering life in the holy land.

There is a great gulf between the way people discuss Israel, and the way we live our lives here. Lots of talk about Israel happens in high dudgeon and low spirits: with anger, resentment, disappointment, frustration, irritation, grievance and worry.

For all that, life here is different and brighter. The rhythms of the sidewalks and supermarkets are weird. People are curious. Hebrew carves up the world in surprising ways. Boundaries turn out to be permeable. And everyone is always talking, advising, counselling, dissenting and suggesting.

What can bridge the gulf between the severe way Israel appears in the papers and the loopy way we experience it on the street are stories: true stories of our lives the way we lead them, with their moments of weird abasements, moments of grace and moments of transcendence.

Why Why Why! aims to capture some of these stories and share them live and on the podcast.

1 comment on ““Crossing the Red Sea”

  1. The words of nancy conners stirred me to say that the drug that saved my life from a rare leukemia induced a massive suicidal depression that almost ended my life until the positive life force within me prevailed. Amazingly I celebrated my 80th birthday in Jerusalem after surviving cancer 5 times . I became a rabbi and have dedicated my life to those who struggle with illness and adversity.

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