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Dark Israeli drama makes it to Cannes

“Away from his Absence” is one of the Israeli films accepted to this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The producer, Mark Rosenblum, talks about the future of the Israeli film industry.



singer Kobi Peretz

Mimouna Hangover Cure – Kol Cambridge

Pesach is over, mimouna has been celebrated (with many mouflettas) and Kol Cambridge is here as always to give you the best in Israeli & Jewish music. Today we are excited to feature brand new songs from Kobi Peretz’s new album.


People in celebrate the Jewish Maroccan holiday of Mimouna Sacher Park in Jerusalem

Inside Mimouna, the Moroccan post-Passover party

Moroccan Jews ring in the end of Passover with a big party known as Mimouna. Picture loads of candies and sweet pancakes. Ilan Siboni of Jerusalem’s Moroccan Darna restaurant explains how it works.



Scandal in the American Football in Israel League

American football in Israel: three-time champion Adi Hakami discusses his lawsuit against the IFL and questioned why he was not allowed to play this season. Then three-time champion coach Jon Sharon discusses the IFL referee situation, the IFL board, as well as IFL Commissioner’s Betzalel Friedman’s gag order on players.


Special Reports


Passover party poopers!

Tired of a traditional seder? This one is anything but that. Ishai Golan hosts Three Falling comedy trio for the wackiest take on slavery, freedom, matzo balls and your crazy aunt.


Ron Pundak, fierce fighter for peace, dies

Upon the death of one of the architects of the Oslo Accord, we bring you an interview he gave TLV1 late last year, following the publication of his book “Secret Channel” chronicling his involvement in the peace process.

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