Ukraine crisis: Next sticking point in US-Israel relations?

Washington has reportedly been “livid” at Israel’s reluctance to take a clear public stance against Russia in the Ukraine conflict. An Israeli official was quoted as saying in response that doing so would jeopardize Israel’s “vital security interests.”

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Passover 5771

A very Ashkenazi Passover

Chef Shmil Holland is not only an expert in Ashkenazi cuisine, he also lives it. His Schmaltz Cookbook was the basis for a musical called “the Kishke Monologues” put up late last year by the Tel Aviv Yiddishpiel theater. He gives his ideas for Ashkenazi Passover classics, like gefilte fish and fried potato knish.




A Different Haggadah

In a very special Pesach edition of a Different Class, we present the true story of the Exodus from Egypt: How God’s plan for Moses set off a chain of events that have echoed down the ages and, for hundreds of years, given Jews a week of indigestion.

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Ron Pundak, fierce fighter for peace, dies

Upon the death of one of the architects of the Oslo Accord, we bring you an interview he gave TLV1 late last year, following the publication of his book “Secret Channel” chronicling his involvement in the peace process.