TRAKTORFABRIK, a play by Noémi Schlosser: Act 3


TRAKTORFABRIK is a dark tragicomedy inspired by the war diaries of Jewish-Russian journalist Vasily Grossman, civilians, and soldiers from the first World War until the present.

Listen to ACT 1

Listen to ACT 2

ACT 3: As if weeks have passed in the Traktorfabrik, we enter a totally new society; a kind of jungle…


Dramatis personae:

FRITZ aka Professor, played by Nitzan Sitzer

PROT aka Petchnika Prot, played by Tomer Shechori

VOLODJA aka Vova aka Lieutenant, played by Lior Doron

Narration by Noémi Schlosser


TLV1 has collaborated with Tel Aviv’s premier English-language performing arts organization, The Stage, to bring Noémi Schlosser’s unique play to life on the radio:

The Stage produces high quality performances in English, while creating a warm and dedicated community. The Stage‘s activities include large-scale productions and performances, small-scale productions and ceremonies, workshops in the performing arts, and regular get-togethers that are both original ideas from the community, and produced and run by the community. The community is open to all ages and levels of experience, from professional actors to hobbyists and amateurs. The Stage was established in October 2013, and is a registered Israeli non-profit organization. Get involved today!


Photo: From a TRAKTORFABRIK poster, courtesy of the Salomee Speelt Facebook page.

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