The Promised Podcast

Scholars’ Dolour

The Association for Israel Studies is in a tizzy about an academic journal issue that some think crosses the line from scholarship to propaganda. Is “pro-Israel scholarship” an oxymoron?

The Solidarity Singularity

Has the time come for Israel’s Jewish (and Zionist) left to join forces with Israel’s Arab (and anti-Zionist) left? If so, how?

“And You Shall Tell Your Child”

On Passover, we’re supposed to tell our kids the story of the Exodus and what it means to us today. But what does it mean to us today?

What We Learned at the Polls

Peter Beinart writes that the lesson of the last election is that the time has come to make Israelis suffer for our sins. That so?

The Kids are All Right

It’s accepted wisdom that Israeli young people are more right-wing than their older sisters and brothers, parents and grandparents. But are they really? And if they are, why?

Is Israel Experiencing a Decline in the Quality of Its Democracy?

We discuss a remarkable new Brookings Institute Policy Brief called “Is Israel in Democratic Decline?” with one of its co-writers Yael Mizrahi-Arnaud.

Getting Out of Bed in the Morning

The Likud has led Israel for 30 of the past 42 years, and more are ahead. What reason does an Israeli leftist have to get out of bed?

The Via Media

Given the alternative, is a coalition of the center and the Likud really such a bad idea after all?

What Just Happened?!?

The votes are counted. What the hell just happened?


Why does Israel’s Right hold the patent on pride, and our Left on shame?