The Promised Podcast

Who the Hell Would Vote for Shas?!?

Why will hundreds of thousands of Israelis vote for the ultra-Orthodox, Sefaradi Shas Party?

Boys on TV

What are we to make of the heart-rending Israeli HBO series about the 2014 murders of Jewish kids by Palestinians and a Muslim kid by Jews, that forces us to doubt a lot of what we thought about ourselves?

Brits, Canucks, Aussies, Kiwis, Saffers, Rhodies, Paddies, Scots & Yanks

There’s a new group aiming to politically empower English-speaking Israelis, on the theory that we’ve got a thing or two to teach everyone else. Do Israel’s Brits, Yanks and Aussies offer a way out of the country’s political mess?

Is Netanyahu Done?

Hemingway said, folks go bankrupt gradually, then all at once. Has PM Netanyahu lost his political power in the same way?

Do the Ends Justify the Mean?

Is being a kind-of-a-dick to the Prime Minister’s kid justified, because the Prime Minister is kind-of-a-dick to the rest of us?

Two Tales of Settlements

A revisionist history of the settler movement argues that it was never really about messianic, religious ideology as much as it was about nuts-and-bolts issues of economy and class. Were we wrong all along about Israel’s settler movement?

Carmen and the Devil

A Mizrahi activist was added to the Labor Party list who once called it a party of racist oppression. Is Israel’s Labor Party, once the epicenter of toxic Ashkenazihood, the new Shas? What it says about Israeli politics?

Bussed Are the Right, for Theirs Are the Beaches and Cinemas

There is a revolution underway, bringing public transportation to Israeli cities on the Sabbath for the first time ever. Why is the Likud leading the charge?

The Autocrat Whisperer

Does Prime Minister Netanyahu want voters to see him as an “autocrat whisperer”?

The Elephant Has Left the Building

One thing not being debated ahead of Israel’s elections is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The elephant in the room seems to have left the building. Why?