The Promised Podcast

The Left is from Mars, the Right is from Venus

A new study shows that Israeli leftists are from Mars, and right-wingers from Venus. They donโ€™t even agree on what the word โ€˜democracyโ€™ means. What does that augur for the future of the country?

The Vested Quest of the Oppressed

Some Israelis watch yellow-vested Parisian protestors burn cars and break windows and thing, โ€œWeโ€™d like in on that action.โ€ But will Israelโ€™s yellow-vest demonstrations produce any positive change?

Censoring Computer Copulation

PM Netanyahu shelves a bill to make porn โ€œopt-inโ€ in Israel, arguing that it is a threat to free expression. But is regulating the internet really so bad?


Why do so many Israeli parents worry that kids with disabilities might rob their own kids of the attention they deserve at schools and in after-school clubs and activities?


A Tel Aviv leftist sets out to meet settlers in Tekoa, and makes a remarkable documentary about the discussions she has. The settlers come off as decent, human and humane. Is that a problem?

28,000 Shots

Hackers upload 28,000 historic photos purloined from Israeli archives. We go through them all and find an amazing vanished world!

What?!? Some Europeans Donโ€™t Like Jews?!?

A CNN-sponsored poll finds that almost half of all Europeans donโ€™t think Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state. Whatโ€™s an Israeli to do?

In Which Memory of George Herbert Walker Bush?

George H.W. Bush remade the Middle East and changed US-Israel relations forever. Was this a good thing?

Getting High

In 2050, 98% of Israelis will live in skyscrapers crammed onto an endless expanse of concrete, says a new report. But is this really so bad?

Solidarity on the Scaffolds

More and more Palestinians from the West Bank work in Israel, under better conditions than ever before. Does this bring peace closer, or just make it easier for the status quo to continue forever?