The Promised Podcast

The Small Matter of the Bill

New elections may cost Israel as much as 5 billion shekels. Should politicians take into account the small matter of the bill?

Skin in the Game

Woman in Jerusalem take off their tops to send ultra-Orthodox protesters scurrying away. Is that a good thing?

Center-Left 2.0

Israel’s Center-Left just staged one of the most successful and powerful demonstrations in recent memory. Did it set the anti-Netanyahu forces on a new path? If so, where will that path lead?

Over Again

What just happened? Why is Israel going to new elections, just a month and a half after the last elections?

A (2nd Century) Star is Born!

Bar Kokhba led a tragic and disastrous revolution against the Romans in the 2nd century. Why is he a Zionist hero today?

Pains in the Glass

An ultra-Orthodox boycott threatens to close down a glass factory that keeps its furnaces glowing on Shabbat. Politics in the marketplace ain’t a bad thing in general, but what about when lots of jobs are on the line?

Sa’ar in a Storm

What does once-and-future Likud leader, Gideon Sa’ar, PM Netanyahu’s nemesis on the premises, promise for Israeli politics?

Raising the Aufruf?

Shtisel is coming back for a third season! Why do we love those zany ultra-Orthodox so damn much? And will Keeva ever find true love?!?

Credit Where Credit is Due

Starting now, every Israeli will have an official credit rating. Is this a way to catch deadbeats or a way for the rich to screw with the poor?

“Natural Partners”

How are pork-loving former Soviets and God-fearing ultra-Orthodox Jews “natural partners” in a Netanyahu government?