The Promised Podcast

Put Away for Take Away?

Sara Netanyahu is indicted for charging taxpayers $100,000 for fancy take-out (while also charging the taxpayers for a full-time chef). Should the wife of a Prime Minister really stand trial for bilking the public coffers for cardboard cartons of comestibles?

Notes on Camp

Should Jewish summer camps teach campers “the Palestinian narrative”? How do you communicate a complex and morally-alive picture of Israel and Zionism to open-hearted kids aged 7 to 17?

Mothballing The Hope

Tel Aviv University doesn’t play Israel’s national anthem at graduation, out of respect for the feelings of Muslims and Christians. Is this self-abnegation, as some argue, or a brave step towards a more inclusive Israeli future?

Benjamin Netanyahu’s New World Order

According to reports, PM Netanyahu used the threat of Iran’s nuclearization to build, strengthen and solidify relations with the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, sometimes behind the back of the American. Should we be high-fiving him, or tsk-tsking?

Advancing the Secular Lifestyle, One City at a Time

Do we need “secular politics” that advance “secular identity” and a “secular agenda” in Israel’s upcoming local elections?

Golan Heights?

A new musical features the music of Mizrahi pop singer Eyal Golan, who was accused of having consensual sex with underaged girls in icky and abusive circumstances. Many protest, but is there racism and hypocrisy in their ostensible, Me-Too-ish feminism?

Terror with a Tail!

The flaming kites lofted by Palestinians into Israel have caused tens of millions in damage and left wasted millions of square meters of fields, forests and settlements. But is it right to call them “terror kites”?

To the Class of 2018

Michael Chabon tells newly ordained Rabbis to end their fetishist obsession with keeping Jews Jews, and tells Israelis to stop their us-vs.-them exclusionary wall-building. Mightn’t he have a point?

Messi Politics

Football great Lionel Messi and the Argentinian National Team cancel a friendly match against Israel after it was moved from Haifa to Jerusalem. Is this a turning point in Israeli attitudes about BDS?

Cabel News

A Labor Party stalwart breaks ranks and says that some of the settlements should be annexed to Israel, as a first step to an eventual peace. His colleagues on the left call him nuts, but is he maybe nutty like a fox?