The Promised Podcast

The Via Media

Given the alternative, is a coalition of the center and the Likud really such a bad idea after all?

What Just Happened?!?

The votes are counted. What the hell just happened?


Why does Israel’s Right hold the patent on pride, and our Left on shame?

Election Reflection

After three intensive months of campaign, we look back and wonder, what the f*ck was that?

The War that Wasn’t

We almost stumbled into war with Gaza last week, just ahead of crucial elections. Why didn’t we?

The Feynman-Levy Conjecture

A feminist, social-democratic party with no position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may emerge from upcoming elections as king-makers. Is that a good thing?

Scorched by the Bern

Bernie Sanders speaks out against “apartheid-like conditions in Palestine.” Just after we got used to millennial democrats harshly criticizing Israel, do we need also to get used to nearly octogenarian democrats harshly criticizing Israel?

Heights and Rights

U.S. President Donald Trump declares that the Golan belongs to Israel, after three decades of Israel trying to negotiate it back into Syrian hands. Will history remember this as something that matters, like PM Netanyahu says, or is it destined to be a forgotten footnote?


A proposed Jerusalem Cable Car will allow tourists and residents to go from Jewish West Jerusalem to the Wailing Wall without seeing a Moslem or Christian, except from an air conditioned cabin many meters above. Can transportation technology be politics by other means?

Not Not-Religious

A scholar argues that religion has osmotically entered so much of Israeli society, that it is no longer secular. Are we entering a “post-secular” age?