The Promised Podcast

Free to Be You and Me

A Jerusalem court finds that a man can be sued for failing to tell his fiancé-cum-wife that he prefers sex with men. Where does a right to privacy end, and an obligation of honesty begin?

Right Fever

As the deadline looms, are the leaders of Israel’s new right-wing-consortium right that one party to the right of the Likud is better than two?

Left Behind?

As the deadline looms, is Labor leader Amir Peretz right that two leftist parties are better than one?

Let Television Be Television

Israel’s national-treasure folk-singer, Chava Alberstein, retools a beloved protest song as an ad for cable and internet service. Is this the end of culture as we know it, or have we maybe lost a little perspective?

The Ambassador from Soda Stream

Israel’s Foreign Ministry retools its diplomats to promote Israeli companies, not policies. Is diplomacy dead?

Labor Unions and Disunions

The Labor Party says “Yes” to merging with a party on the center-right, and “No” to merging with parties on the Left. A brilliant stratagem or a strategic blunder?

Where We Live, There Is Our Country!

For 68 years, there were Bundists in Israel – socialist, internationalist Yiddishists. Finally, only now, their Tel Aviv headquarters is shuttering. But what is their legacy?

Goodbye to All That!

Forty Jewish-American Rabbis, professors and activists say it’s time to say goodbye to Zionism once and for all. Do they have a point?

Everyone from Benny Gantz to Ayman Odeh

There are signs of a new openness to cooperation between Jews and Arabs on the Israeli Left. But are these signals a fundamental change or just more election posturing?

Je M’Accuse

A week after we buried another Ethiopian kid killed by a police officer, the eleventh in two decades, what accounts for our omnipresent racism? As Tolstoy never said, “Every racist society is racist in its own way.” What is our way of being racist?