The Promised Podcast

Likud Renewed, Dude!

The Likud primaries are here! We wonder what composite portrait they paint of the heart, soul and physiognomy of the party.

Some Jews are Arabs, Too

An appeal has been brought before the Supreme Court to overturn the Nation-State Law on the grounds that downgrading Arabic also discriminates against Mizrahi Jews. Is this the winning argument against the bill?

The Change We Seek

MK Dov Khenin resigned on the grounds that there are better ways to bring political change than the Knesset. Is he on to something?

Bullsh*t Solutions to Bullsh*t Problems?

Is the election campaign about anything that matters (or anything at all)?


Historian Benny Morris, on his retirement from teaching, predicts that in a generation’s time, Jews will become a persecuted minority in Palestine, because Palestinians will never accept a Jewish state on this embattled land. What should we make of his dismal prediction?

1,364 Dead Terrorists

Former IDF Chief of Staff and present candidate for Prime Minister Benny Gans boasts in his campaign videos of killing 1,364 terrorists and destroying whole city blocks in the Gaza war in 2014. Do body-counts have a place in political campaigns?

No ‘Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’?

Journalist and best-selling author Matti Friedman argues in the New York Times that if you think of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians “as a problem that can be solved by an agreement between them,” then you don’t understand it.

The (Too) Low Cost of Learning

An Israeli Nobel laureate says the country’s universities need to get hip to the logic of the market, and octuple tuitions. Does he have a point?

Son of God, with a Side of Fries

There is blood on the streets of Haifa after the city art museum raises an exhibit including “McJesus,” a sculpture of Ronald McDonald on the cross, and demonstrations of offended Christians turn violent. How do you mesh artistic freedom and sensitivity to religious beliefs?

Never Netanyahu?

Labor Party head dares and double-dares the heads of other parties in the center and on the left to swear on a million bibles that they’ll never join a Netanyahu government. Good politics or just more dumbassery?