The Promised Podcast

Heschel is the New Herzl

Should Reform, conservative and reconstructionist Jews in Israel take to the streets to fight for political causes that have nothing to do with religious pluralism like, say, social and economic justice?

Friedman is the New Jabotinsky

The “First Conference on Israeli Conservatism” fills a huge conference center, mostly with kippah-capped men. What accounts for the new affinity between Reagan-Thatcher politics and economics and Israeli Modern Orthodoxy?

The Small Matter of the Bill

New elections may cost Israel as much as 5 billion shekels. Should politicians take into account the small matter of the bill?

Skin in the Game

Woman in Jerusalem take off their tops to send ultra-Orthodox protesters scurrying away. Is that a good thing?

Center-Left 2.0

Israel’s Center-Left just staged one of the most successful and powerful demonstrations in recent memory. Did it set the anti-Netanyahu forces on a new path? If so, where will that path lead?

Over Again

What just happened? Why is Israel going to new elections, just a month and a half after the last elections?

A (2nd Century) Star is Born!

Bar Kokhba led a tragic and disastrous revolution against the Romans in the 2nd century. Why is he a Zionist hero today?

Pains in the Glass

An ultra-Orthodox boycott threatens to close down a glass factory that keeps its furnaces glowing on Shabbat. Politics in the marketplace ain’t a bad thing in general, but what about when lots of jobs are on the line?

Sa’ar in a Storm

What does once-and-future Likud leader, Gideon Sa’ar, PM Netanyahu’s nemesis on the premises, promise for Israeli politics?

Raising the Aufruf?

Shtisel is coming back for a third season! Why do we love those zany ultra-Orthodox so damn much? And will Keeva ever find true love?!?