The Promised Podcast

The Perplexing Problem of Patriotism

Why does Israel’s Left consistently fail to persuade fellow citizens that they are just as patriotic as other Israelis?

See No Evil? Evil Not to See?

The country explodes in rage and ridicule after an ultra-orthodox musician tapes his eyes so they would not behold woman dancing in front of the stage. In a tolerant society, why can’t we tolerate that?

What Do and Don’t Demonstrations Do?

Are mass demonstrations in the streets the key to toppling the bastards, to just a meaningless bit of self-important self-delusion?

If I Don’t Recognize You, O Jerusalem

What fears and hopes arise from Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city?

It Happens in the Best of Families

Rabbi Josh Weinberg joins us live onstage as we ask: Are progressive American Jews done with Israel?


Airbnb adds a hundred bucks to the rent of every apartment in Tel Aviv. Is it time to shut it down?

The Revolution Won’t Be Televised

A proposed amendment to the elections
advertising law will do away with government sponsored free TV spots during election campaigns. Is it too early to eulogize the place of television in electoral politics?

Why Oh Why Won’t You Try Me?

An IDF officer and spokesperson for human rights NGO Breaking the Silence demanding to be prosecuted for beating a Palestinian man, only to find that the State Attorney’s Office insists he is innocent.

The End of the Zooish People?

Is something crucial lost when kids grow up seeing no animals besides dogs, cats, pigeons, and rats?

Losing our Religion?

Has Israel’s left “forgotten what it means to be Jews,” as the new head of the Labor Party says?