The Promised Podcast

A Kinder, Gentler AIPAC

New, improved AIPAC 2.0: Now with Progressives!

Won’t Anyone Think of the Poor Tour Guides?

Should Israel’s tour guides be licensed professionals, like gynecologists, or unregulated enthusiasts, like aromatherapists?

The Truth, the Pole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

Anyone claiming that Poles bear collective responsibility for Jews murdered in Poland during the Holocaust could land in jail for three years, according to a new Polish law. Now a delegation of Polish historians and politicians is in Israel trying to explain why the law is just. What’s a Jewish state to do?

Kill First!

Two thousand and three hundred: That’s how many targeted killing operations Israel has carried out over the years. Israeli spymasters say that targeted assassinations save lives. But can we live with them?

The Reality of Marriage

The most popular Jewish reality TV show since the Torah was given at Sinai matches singles and introduces them to each other under the Chuppah on their wedding day! Why is it such a hit?

Prize Possession

Should David Grossman turn down the prestigious Israel Prize? Should one accept a State Prize after they’ve ceased to prize the State (or, at least, its leaders)?

Left to Decide

In choosing a new leader, will Meretz change the direction, and the fate, of Israel’s left?

Tile and Error

A store is sued for refusing to deliver tiles and toilets to Israeli settlers on an Israeli settlement. Should companies be allowed to discriminate against folks who live over the “Green Line”?

The Lie

A fabled former head of Israel’s security services, the Shin-Bet, resigns from the Knesset because he fibbed about having been a paratrooper half a century ago. Did he really need to go?

Bribes, Fraud and Breach of Trust

Has the time come for Prime Minister Netanyahu to go?