The Promised Podcast

Junior Partners in the Jewish People?

Israelis tell pollsters that the opinions of American Jews about what happens here matter, but not too much. What does this say about relations between the two biggest Jewish communities on earth?

LGBTQ: Lieutenants, Generals, Battalion-Commanders, Technical-Specialists, & Quartermasters

Is the promotion of an out, gay IDF officer to the high rank of Major-General a happy sign of integration or a worrying sign of cooptation? Or a little from Column A and a little from Column B?

The Great Sort, Sort Of

Are Israelis sorting ourselves according to our political beliefs (like Americans and Brits seem to be doing)?

Republikud & Labocrats?

Should Israel’s election system be rejiggered to do away with all the pesky, small parties? Most Israeli say yes.

I’m Not Your Toy (Nix the Joy)!

Netta Barzilai wins the friggin’ Eurovision Song Contest, and many leftist Israelis’ reaction is a mirthless, bah-humbug! Does the left have a problem with national pride and just-plain happiness?

Tel Aviv is to Jerusalem as Freedom is to Decency?

Jerusalem bans a right-wing billboard for incitement, while the same billboard is plastered all over Tel Aviv. Which should we prefer: Free expression, Tel Aviv style, or decency in the public square, Jerusalem style?

Sixty-One Dead

What sense can we make of sixty-one people shot to death at the Gaza border: What should we think? What should we do?

Boots on the Ground

What do we think about ‘tiyul’ culture, and does it partake of, and advance, a politics that is not our own? What is to be done with the ‘tiyul’?

The Long Arm of Israeli (Rabbinic) Law

Is the “Rabbinic Courts Bill (Marriage and Divorce)” as risible as its critics make it seem? After all, it is meant to ameliorate the terrible suffering of thousands of women. If it can do that, doesn’t it perhaps justify a little expansion of Israeli Rabbinic authority?

The Age of Uncertainty

What thoughts, fears, and hopes stem from Trump’s decision to leave the Iran nuclear deal and the escalation in Northern Israel in those of us who are watching with worry as we open and prepare bomb-shelters up north?