The Promised Podcast

Martial Mercy for Military Manslaughter?

IDF Chief of Staff decided to reduce the sentence of a soldier who shot dead a Palestinian who had minutes earlier stabbed an IDF soldier.

For the Sins We Have Sinned

Which of our collective sins should most occupy us on this Yom Kippur?

Foucault, Derrida, Shagar, the Settler Nakba and the Future of Zionism

Have young settlers rejected the nationalism of their parents, embracing instead a neo-Hasidic post-Zionism that changes their political views and aspirations?

Poll: Netanyahu is the Best PM and also a Liar who Must Resign!

The first public opinion poll of the new year serves us up a mess of conflicting opinions about the strength of the right, PM Netanyahu’s career, and more.

The De-Malling of Israel

Malls in Israel have been deserted and are collapsing: is this is a harbinger of the de-Amerification of Israeli culture?

Serving God and Country

The Supreme Court has rejected the government’s policy of allowing exemptions from army service to ultra-Orthodox kids as unconstitutional.


We review the most percussive and important events and people of the year that ends this week, 5777.

Animal Politics

Why does the struggle for animal rights and animal liberation resonate so strongly with so many Israelis?

The Likud is Not a Body that Needs Democracy?

The Young Turk “New Likudniks” are trying to take over the party and move it leftward: is that o.k.?

Keeping up with the Netanyahus (or, Reality Bites)

Should the Prime Minister pay a political price for the zany reality-TV foibles of his family?