The Promised Podcast

Between a Rock and a Hard-On: Israeli Women and the Patriarchy

As more and more Israeli women share their stories of harassment, we ask whether or not women in Israel are subject to our own special sorts of sexual violence.


Is a new organization for Israeli-Americans a plot by Sheldon Adelson to create a zombie army to do his reactionary bidding in DC?


Sephardim and Mizrahim don’t feel discriminated against, while rich Ashkenazim do? What gives?

On the Road to Perdition with Waze

The Israeli-designed community-based traffic and navigation app Waze is one of the so-called start-up nation’s biggest success stories. But could Waze be harming our environment and our democracy?

Refugee Repatriation Expectation: Acceleration to Reconciliation or Mummification of Negotiation?

It’s a debate that has raged since 1948. Can the ongoing debate over the rights of dispossessed Palestinians’ descendants be overcome?

Body Politic

Israel possesses the bodies of five Islamic Jihad militants and has a decision to make. Should the bodies be immediately returned to relatives, or should they be used as part of a negotiation tactic?

The Sabbath: Day of Unrest

Israel’s Supreme Court says stores should stay open in Tel Aviv on the Sabbath. Some say they struck a blow for freedom. Some say, workers deserve a day off. Some say, God is a higher authority.

Meretz: Same Great Party – Now, with Less Zionism!

Leaders of the long-time standard-bearer for Israel’s liberal, Zionist left – Meretz – say their party is no longer Zionist. Is it time to retire the “Z Word”?

Balfour’s Declaration, Jewish Celebration, and Palestinian Vexation: An Evaluation

It is the centennial of the Balfour Declaration, affirming the right of Jews to a “national home” in Palestine. It was controversial then, and remains so today.

It’s the Patriarchy, Stupid!

There’s a brouhaha over a feminist Member of Knesset who suggested that kids might be better off if there were no marriages or nuclear families.