The Promised Podcast

The Long Arm of Israeli (Rabbinic) Law

Is the “Rabbinic Courts Bill (Marriage and Divorce)” as risible as its critics make it seem? After all, it is meant to ameliorate the terrible suffering of thousands of women. If it can do that, doesn’t it perhaps justify a little expansion of Israeli Rabbinic authority?

The Age of Uncertainty

What thoughts, fears, and hopes stem from Trump’s decision to leave the Iran nuclear deal and the escalation in Northern Israel in those of us who are watching with worry as we open and prepare bomb-shelters up north?

Darwin on the Down Low

The Jerusalem Museum of Natural History cover up exhibits on evolution when ultra-Orthodox kids come to visit: Respectful pluralism or despicable cravenness?

Israel First!

Three leading industrialists say the way to make Israel great again is to put “Israel First,” and flip the bird to economic globalism. Are they right?

Not THAT Jewish Agency

Is the most important unseen force in Israeli politics the great divide between those who think that Israelis have it in our power to bring peace, and those fatalists who think, in the end, it just ain’t up to us?

What About Natalie?

How does Natalie Portman’s decision not to take The Genesis Prize, after having earlier agreed to take it, meet us, and how does it affect us, personally? Oh, Natalie!

Ben Gurion and The Matrix

Should Israel’s old Labor elite be lionized nostalgically or instead consigned to the dustbin of history?

Pfeffer’s Netanyahu, Netanyahu’s Israel

In what ways is today’s Israel a product of Benjamin Netanyahu, and in what ways is Benjamin Netanyahu a product of the Israel in which he grew? And what is the price we all pay for the success he’s had molding the country, with such surprising success, into his own image?


A new exhibit of painting portray Sefardi men as oppressors of Russian immigrants. Is it racist?

Conscript Kids

Does seeing IDF soldiers as “our kids” cloud our moral judgment?