The Promised Podcast

It’s the Patriarchy, Stupid!

There’s a brouhaha over a feminist Member of Knesset who suggested that kids might be better off if there were no marriages or nuclear families.

The Gift of Gabbay

Avi Gabbay, the new head of the Labor Party, presumptive leader of the left, and heir not-so-apparent to Israel’s premiership, has triangulated to the right.

Ruvi Rivlin’s Presidential Address of Existential Distress

President Reuven Rivlin made a chilling speech to Knesset, in which he warned that Israeli democracy itself may be imperiled.

Don’t be Fooled by Capitalism!

Do Israel’s ultra-Orthodox have an answer to the vexations of capitalism?

UNESCO = United Nations, Eat Sh*t & Choke On It?

Trump pulls the US out of UNESCO. Netanyahu pulls Israel out of UNESCO. Good riddance or bad judgment?

A Separate Peace

The two battling Palestinian ruling parties – Hamas and Fatah – reconcile. What does it augur for Palestinians, Israelis and other living things?

The Problem with Jewish Pride

It’s a challenging claim by one of our most astute public intellectuals: the ascent of chauvinist Jewish pride is a sign that Zionism has failed.

College of Corrections

What should we make of a shocking new and “world’s first” proposal to allow a university to manage a prison jointly with the Israel Prison Service?

“A Girl, and I Shoot Well!”

There is a new documentary web series following three passionate, articulate, and armed young women living in the occupied territories.

Museology of the Oppressed (with Apologies to Paulo Freire)

There are plans to construct 20 museums in development towns, to finally acknowledge the contributions made by what was for so long regarded as “the other Israel.”