The Short Shorts of Alex Epstein

Alex Epstein, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Born in 1971 in St. Petersburg,  Alex Epstein moved to the Israeli city of Lod when he was eight years old. His short stories are sometimes as short as a single sentence, and have been described as examples of the “philosophical, or allegorical short-short story.” He has published three novels and eight collections of stories in Hebrew.

Blue Has No South by Alex Epstein, translated by Becka mara McKay, Clockroot Books, 2010.
Lunar Savings Time by Alex Epstein, translated by Becka Mara McKay, Clockroot Books, 2011.
A Children’s Story, An Almost Ordinary Love Story, and The Intelligent Mouse by Alex Epstein, translated by Yardenne Greenspan in The Guardian.

Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 2 “Little Russian”

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