Tehila Hakimi’s “COMPANY”

Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

As we labor under unbelievable pressures and uncertainties of the pandemic, especially women who have children at home, it might make us feel a little better to see that, back in 2018, the writer Tehila Hakimi already envisioned what work would be like in 2020.

Here are some excerpts of her experimental, fragmentary text, COMPANY. It is addressed to a nameless “woman in a workspace”—that describes, head-on, the corporate work experience, its gendered dimensions, and its operative, emptied-out language.

The piece is translated by Maayan Eitan.


Company, by Tehila Hakimi (Resling Publishing House: The Lab Series for Contemporary Literature, 2018). English translation copyright 2019 by Maayan Eitan.

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