Rogel Alpher with Marina Toshich – Journeys



Born an only child in Sarajevo, Marina Toshich was influenced by the culturally diverse music scene found in the streets of her Bosnian capital. Throughout her life, Marina experimented with cultural activities ranging from plastic art, piano, horseback riding, and swimming at the 1985 Maccabiah Games in Israel. After the Gulf War in 1991, and before the start of the Bosnian war, she arrived in Israel. Marina never imagined that out of all of her hobbies, the Oud, an instrument which was very rare in Bosnia, would ultimately become her life and career.




Jedan dan života (Un dia da vida)-Mama Huanita
Josipa Lisac – O Jednoj Mladosti
Bijelo Dugme – Požurite Konji Moji – Šta Bi Dao Da Si Na Mom Mjestu
Derya Türkan – Uğur Işık – Nikriz Peşrevi
Recitation of the Qur’an by a young child

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