Rogel Alpher with Gilad Kahana of Girafot – Journeys



Wandering the streets of Tel Aviv is part of poet and singer-songwriter Gilad Kahana’s artistic process. Born in Mexico in 1970, Kahana was repeatedly uprooted as a child, bouncing between Israel and Mexico until his family finally settled down in Tel-Aviv when he was nine.
Kahana started the acclaimed band ‘Girafot’ in 1992 along with Yair Kass; the band has since released four albums, a documentary and a smartphone app (‘Gazoor’). Kahana has also released several solo albums, both in English and Hebrew, and three books.

On this episode of Journeys, Kahana discusses his life changing experiences, including an LSD trip which led him to become religious for a year, and losing both his parents at an early age.


Gilad Kahana – Independence Day
The Walking Man – My Game
Girafot – Rami Muasham BeAchzakat Samim Kalim (Rami Is Accused Of Light Drug Possession)
Girafot – Halev Hu Teleskopi (The Heart Is Telescopic)
Loco Hot – Nadlan (Real Estate)

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