This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

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Join us for an hour of the biggest and best new Israeli & Jewish tune, bringing the sound of Israel to wherever you are. This week we’ve got brand new releases from Regev Hod, Avraham Tal, Ivri Lider, Ron Shovel and many many more!

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Previous Episodes

Ring Ring – Kate & Or
Hey Lady – Elad Levy & Lihi Benin
Pata Morenga – Tomer Raz
Shamati — Senir Hadad
L’Orech HaYam – Avraham Tal
Detzember – Omri Sevach
Bidyuk Mushlam – Rika Razael
Gadol Alai – Hatikva 6
Az Amru Li – Regev Hod
Rak HaKetzev Medaber – Ron Shuval
Complicado – Jason
Moogzam – Ivri Lider
Koev Li HaO’sh – Avichai Naftali
Ose Ma SheBa Lo – Moti Taka
Bein Kol HaBlof – KGC

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