From face and voice recognition, to identifying with a character from a book, for these and others linguistic uses we utilize the Hebrew root זהה. And how do we say, “Shazam, can you recognize this song?”

New Words and Expressions:

Zihuy panim – Face recognition – זיהוי פנים

Zihuy plili – Forensics – זיהוי פלילי

Mazap, Ma’abada le-zihuy plili – Forensics lab – מעבדה לזיהוי פלילי

Mazapnikim – The forensics guys – מז”פניקים

Zihuy koli – Voice recognition – זיהוי קולי

Lezahot – To identify, to recognize – לזהות

Ata lo mezahé oti? At lo mezaha oti? – Don’t you recognize me? – את/ה לא מזהה אותי

Teuda mezaha – Proof of identity – תעודה מזהה

“Shirim she-ha-shazam lo mezahé – Songs that Shazam won’t recognize – שירים שהשזאם לא מזהה

Ha-rishon she-mezahé – The first person to recognize – הראשון שמזהה

“Tsipor lo mezuha” – An unidentified bird – ציפור לא מזוהה

Mispar lo mezuhé – Unidentified number – מספר לא מזוהה

Eich lachsom et ha-sichot – How to block the calls – איך לחסום את השיחות

Abam, Etsem bilti mezuhé – Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) – עב”ם, עצם בלתי מזוהה

Lehizdahot – To identify oneself – להזדהות

Tizdahé, tizdahi, tizdahu – Identify yourself (imp.) – תזדהה, תזדהי, תזדהו

Lehizdahot im mishehu – To identify with someone – להזדהות עם מישהו

“Ata omer la she-ata mizdahé ita rigshit” – You’re telling her that you identify with her emotionally – אתה אומר שאתה מזדהה איתה רגשית

Hizdahoot – Identification – הזדהות

Atseret hizdahoot – Solidarity rally – עצרת הזדהות

Atseret hizdahoot im ha-hatufim – Solidarity rally with the people kidnapped in Gaza – עצרת הזדהות עם החטופים

Playlist and Clips:

KAN TV – Zihuy panim – Face recognition

Zihuy koli – voice recognition

Shirim she-ha-shazam lo mezahé – Songs that Shazam won’t recognize 

Ha-rishon she-mezahe – The first person who recognizes

Margalit Tsan’ani – Menta (lyrics)

How to block an unidentified number – Mispar lo mezuhé

Abam – UFO

Sarit Hadad – Inteligentsiya (lyrics)

3 comments on “I Can Identify With That

  1. Deena Levine says:

    Wonderful, rich episode! Much was new …

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba, dear Deena!

  2. Daniel AIDAN says:

    Bravo, very interesting.
    Dany mi Paris

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