Kol Cambridge’s 15th Birthday Special

Can you believe it! Kol Cambridge is celebrating 15 years of playing the best in Israeli and Jewish music with a special show full of reminiscing, special messages and of course – great music!


Yom Huledet – Regev Hod
Yom Huledet – Dana International
Yom Huledet 40 – Hadag Nachash
Machrozet Yom Huledet – Avuad Sahar
Yom Huladetech – Aviha Pinto
Yom Huledet – Leon & Yoav ft Ron Nesher
Yom Huledet – Stephane Legar ft Ofek HaMalach
Dibur Nagua – Stephane Legar & Mergui
Beg – Omer Adam & Netta
Shevet Achim V’Achayot – Everyone (!)
V’Harikoti Lachem Bracha – Gad Elbaz & DJ Roy Harush

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