China is probably the last country you would expect to hold a strong view on the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. But this week, against the backdrop of the Orange BDS debacle, Beijing refused to sign a bilateral agreement with Israel on sending construction workers here, until Israel agreed that they wouldn’t work in the West Bank settlements. Israel, so far, has not agreed to this demand.

TLV1’s Laragh Widdess speaks to Roni Livneh, a spokesperson for Kav La Oved (the Hotline for Migrant workers in Israel), about the terrible working conditions the Chinese have faced in Israel and why these bilateral agreements are important.

Yitzhak Shichor, Emeritus Professor at Hebrew University and Haifa University, an expert in China’s Middle East policy, puts China’s relations with Israel and the Palestinians in context, and tells Laragh what he thinks China is trying to do with this latest move.


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Written and produced by Laragh Widdess

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