The “Israel – A Father’s Story” Edition

Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

In this very-special episode from Limmud Oz in Melbourne, Australia, Noah puzzles out – What? – why he and Susan uprooted their family tree from rich American soil, replanting it in the alluvium of Israel, and how that’s worked out for them and their kids, who are now the age their parents were when they first came to the country. Not a story for everyone, but maybe one that will interest a few. With huge thanks for the amazing folks at Limmud Oz!

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3 comments on “The “Israel – A Father’s Story” Edition

  1. Sammy Kanter says:

    Beautiful podcast that had me in tears! Is there a way to get a citation for the quote your daughter read? I would love to find it.

    1. Antonio says:

      It sounds like israel! Yes it is. Who is learning from this and admitting it ?

  2. carol Novis says:

    So, so moving. All true.

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