The “As the Dust Settles” Edition

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As the very last votes are still being counted, Miriam, Don and Noah try to make sense of the election results that will bring Benjamin Netanyahu back to the Prime Minister’s office, and what they say about the heart and soul of the country, and what they do to our own hearts and souls.

As the Dust Settles
What just happened?

The ״Battle for Israel״
For our most unreasonably generous Patreon supporters, in our extra-special, special extra discussion: After the votes are counted, Haaretz prints an editorial enlisting us in the “Battle for Israel.”  But is that really what it’s come to?

All this and songs for pondering elections!


  • Guy Zu-aretz and Maor Edri – Yom ha-Boher
  • Shlomi Shaban, Shuli Rand and Raviv Plotnik – Cnaan

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1 comment on “The “As the Dust Settles” Edition

  1. David says:

    I see the future.

    Does Israel have a right to exist, or not? Forget the media-laden terms, do you have a right to exist or not? If someone throws stones at your head, while you are walking down the street, does the most correct moral form of action dictate you appeal to some far-off neighbours and say, “Really I did not mean to cause him anger!” Is this how one ensures one’s survival in the ‘modern’ era? Or have we really not changed so much from the middle ages, from the ancient times

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