People say that Israelis can sometimes be rude when speaking. Or are we simply too direct? Contrary to popular belief, we do have ways to be courteous in modern Hebrew. Want to know how? Bevakasha!

New Words and Expressions:

Bevakasha – Please, here you are – בבקשה

Ani rotse cappuccino – I want (I’d like) cappuccino – אני רוצה קפוצ’ינו

“Hayiti rotsa cappuccino” – I would like / I would have liked cappuccino – הייתי רוצה קפוצ’ינו

“Aval tov, ah?” – “But good, eh?” – ?אבל טוב, אה

Be-sheket – Quietly – בשקט

Bimhirut – Quickly – במהירות

“Vakasha, shalom” – Thank you, goodbye – בבקשה, שלום

“Nu vaksha” – Come on, pleaaaaase! – נו, בקשה

Sheket bevakasha – Quiet, please – שקט בבקשה

Lehikanes (be)vakasha – Come inside please – להיכנס בבקשה

Ani mevakesh/mevakeshet – Could I have X – אני מבקש/מבקשת

Ani mevakesh lo laamod kan – Please, don’t stand here – אני מבקש לא לעמוד כאן

Efshar levakesh mapit? – Could I please have a napkin? – ?אפשר לבקש מפית

Playlist and Clips:

Hana Laszlo & Eyal Geffen – Bevakasha Zo Lo Mila Kasha (lyrics) 

Lahakat Pikud Ha-tsafon – Sheket Bevakasha

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