How do we say darling or honey in Hebrew? And can we use kapara and motek for both male and female? Listen to our lovey dovey episode.

New Words and Expressions:

โ€œKโ€™chi taxi habaita kapara, lifney she-yihye meโ€™ucharโ€ – Take a taxi home, darling, before itโ€™s going to get late – ืงื—ื™ ื˜ืงืกื™ ื”ื‘ื™ืชื”, ื›ืคืจื”, ืœืคื ื™ ืฉื™ื”ื™ื” ืžืื•ื—ืจ

Kapara – Atonement, forgiveness – ื›ืคืจื”

Kapara sheli – My darling – ื›ืคืจื” ืฉืœื™

KaPAra al X – Itโ€™s nothing, donโ€™t worry about it (X being a broken glass) – ื›ืคืจื” ืขืœ ืžืฉื”ื•

Kapara alecha – Youโ€™re a darling – ื›ืคืจื” ืขืœื™ืš

โ€œLo at lo ashema ma pitom, neshamaโ€ – No, youโ€™re not guilty, not at all my darling – ืœื, ืืช ืœื ืืฉืžื”, ืžื” ืคืชืื•ื, ื ืฉืžื”

Neshama – Soul – ื ืฉืžื”

โ€œKen, neshama shel aba?โ€ – Yes, my darling? – ?ื›ืŸ, ื ืฉืžื” ืฉืœ ืื‘ื

โ€œHu bachur neshama – Heโ€™s a really good guy – ื”ื•ื ื‘ื—ื•ืจ ื ืฉืžื”

Mami (m., f.) – Darling – ืžืืžื™

Neshamami – Neshama+mami – ื ืฉืžืืžื™

โ€œMotek, at gdola, motek at yafaโ€ – Honey, youโ€™re great, honey, youโ€™re pretty – ืžื•ืชืง, ืืช ื’ื“ื•ืœื”, ืžื•ืชืง, ืืช ื™ืคื”

โ€œMotek, at safek yalda safek ishaโ€ – Honey, youโ€™re half a girl half a woman – ืžื•ืชืง, ืืช ืกืคืง-ื™ืœื“ื”, ืกืคืง-ืื™ืฉื”

Motek (m., f.) – Sweetness, darling – ืžื•ืชืง

Matok – Sweet – ืžืชื•ืง

Kadosh – Holy – ืงื“ื•ืฉ

Kodesh – Holiness – ืงื•ื“ืฉ

โ€œHey motek, efo ata/at?โ€ – Hey darling, where are you? – ?ื”ื™ื™ ืžื•ืชืง, ืื™ืคื” ืืชื”/ืืช

Yakiri, yakirati – My dear – ื™ืงื™ืจ, ื™ืงื™ืจืชื™

Playlist and Clips:

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