‘Zayin’ (dick) is a word we hear a lot in Hebrew since it is included in many slang terms – many of which are not necessarily related to sex. Today we learn a few of these sayings and find out the connection between the term ‘friends with benefits’ and Austrian composer Franz Schubert.

Words and expressions discussed:

Zayin – זַיִן

Koos – כּוּס

Ha-aretz mitpatachat kmo ha-zayin sheli – הָאַרֶץ מִתְפַּתַּחַת כְּמוֹ הַזַּיִן שֶלִי

Yezizoot – יְזִיזוּת

Yadid > yaziz – יָדִיד > יָזִיז

Eize zayin – אֵיזֶה זַיִן

Eize zayin hu –הוּא אֵיזֶה זַיִן

Ani sam zayin – אֲנִי שָׂם זַיִן

Lasim zayin – לָשִׂים זַיִן

Ani lo sam alav zayin – אֲנִי לֹא שָׂם עָלָיו זַיִן

Al hazayin sheli – עַל הַזַּיִן שֶלִי



Alef-bet – Naomi Shemer, lyrics

Franz Schubert – Gretchen am Spinnrade; Singer: Jessye Norman

Rami Kleinstein – Chutz mimech klum, lyrics

Johnny Blaze ft. Meli One & K7NG – Yedidim o yezizim

Yafti – Dvarim Muzari, lyrics

Ha-yehudim – Im kvar, lyrics 

Hagar Dadon – Al ha-zayin sheli, lyrics


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Photo by Zipa Kempinsky.

2 comments on “Sex Words 2: Zayin

  1. Judy Kropf says:

    Thanks, Guy! Just saw/listened to this episode at my computer. I left Israel in 89 and have been back to visit a lot, but wow, so many new words and expressions! Thanks for keeping me culturally up to date!

    כל הכבוד, Judy

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba Judy! Thanks so much for your kind words. We have more than 250 episodes waiting for you on your podcast app.

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