the promised podcast

A Contrarian Century

Ha’aretz celebrates a century of cheesing people off. What impact does this indispensable, infuriating newspaper have on Israeli politics?

Hard Night for Sara

Sara Netanyahu pleads guilty to ordering expensive take-out food to the Prime Minister’s residence, ending an ugly four year investigation and trial. What should we make of this whole pathetic affair?

The Center Will Hold?

Avigdor Lieberman made a bombshell announcement that, after our do-over elections, he will force the Likud and Blue-and-White parties to form a centrist, secular “National Unity Government.” Has Israel’s next government just been formed?

Nothing to Be Proud Of?

Israel’s first openly gay minister is jeered and hounded from Jerusalem’s Gay Pride parade, because of his poor record on LGBTQ issues, and his support of the Occupation. But should anyone be Queer-Non-Grata at the Pride Parade?

Good Checkpoints Make Good Neighbors?

New tricked-out hi-tech checkpoints that dramatically reduce the time it takes for Palestinians laborers to enter Israel, and make the process less frustrating and degrading: This sounds like good news, but it is?

Labor Savers

Young Turks, Old Guard, and Stern Generals battle for control of Israel’s Labor Party. Who has the best chance of saving from extinction the party of David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin?

Heschel is the New Herzl

Should Reform, conservative and reconstructionist Jews in Israel take to the streets to fight for political causes that have nothing to do with religious pluralism like, say, social and economic justice?

Friedman is the New Jabotinsky

The “First Conference on Israeli Conservatism” fills a huge conference center, mostly with kippah-capped men. What accounts for the new affinity between Reagan-Thatcher politics and economics and Israeli Modern Orthodoxy?

The Small Matter of the Bill

New elections may cost Israel as much as 5 billion shekels. Should politicians take into account the small matter of the bill?

Skin in the Game

Woman in Jerusalem take off their tops to send ultra-Orthodox protesters scurrying away. Is that a good thing?