the promised podcast

Bereaved = Beloved?

Few here are as revered as women who have buried sons killed in combat. That’s understandable, but is it also unfair to women?


Should we be concerned about the travails – and the incipient disappearance – of the Labor Party? If so, what, if anything, should we do about it?

Primary Dolours

Effusive reporters described Israeli primaries as a “celebration of democracy.” Others, like former Labor PM Ehud Barak, expressed their antipathy for the process. Are primaries good or bad for Israeli democracy? If not through primaries, then how ought Knesset candidates be chosen?

Our World According to Conan

How do we make sense of Conan O’Brien’s attempt to make sense of Israel?

Being Black

The rage and heartache of Ethiopian-Israelis came front and center as they protest police brutality and so much else. How are we – three white folks – ought to understand their pain and rage?

Likud Renewed, Dude!

The Likud primaries are here! We wonder what composite portrait they paint of the heart, soul and physiognomy of the party.

Some Jews are Arabs, Too

An appeal has been brought before the Supreme Court to overturn the Nation-State Law on the grounds that downgrading Arabic also discriminates against Mizrahi Jews. Is this the winning argument against the bill?

The Change We Seek

MK Dov Khenin resigned on the grounds that there are better ways to bring political change than the Knesset. Is he on to something?

Bullsh*t Solutions to Bullsh*t Problems?

Is the election campaign about anything that matters (or anything at all)?


Historian Benny Morris, on his retirement from teaching, predicts that in a generation’s time, Jews will become a persecuted minority in Palestine, because Palestinians will never accept a Jewish state on this embattled land. What should we make of his dismal prediction?