the promised podcast


A Tel Aviv leftist sets out to meet settlers in Tekoa, and makes a remarkable documentary about the discussions she has. The settlers come off as decent, human and humane. Is that a problem?

28,000 Shots

Hackers upload 28,000 historic photos purloined from Israeli archives. We go through them all and find an amazing vanished world!

What?!? Some Europeans Don鈥檛 Like Jews?!?

A CNN-sponsored poll finds that almost half of all Europeans don鈥檛 think Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state. What鈥檚 an Israeli to do?

In Which Memory of George Herbert Walker Bush?

George H.W. Bush remade the Middle East and changed US-Israel relations forever. Was this a good thing?

Getting High

In 2050, 98% of Israelis will live in skyscrapers crammed onto an endless expanse of concrete, says a new report. But is this really so bad?

Solidarity on the Scaffolds

More and more Palestinians from the West Bank work in Israel, under better conditions than ever before. Does this bring peace closer, or just make it easier for the status quo to continue forever?


Airbnb kicked Jewish settlers off their site: A courageous political stand or a craven and hypocritical singling out of Israel for censure?

Mothers, Children and the Quest for Peace

Israel鈥檚 biggest peace movement is run by women who say that 鈥渕otherhood鈥 is a moral and political tool that, if used right, might end more than a century of strife between Jews and Palestinians. Might the complications of family cut through the complications of our conflict?

Slights, Plights, Fights and Flights of the Right

Israel鈥檚 right-wing Defense Minister resigns over the cease-fire with Hamas, and its right-wing Education Minister and Justice Minister almost do the same. Is Israel鈥檚 right experiencing a dark night of the soul?

Sometimes They鈥檒l Give a War and Nobody Will Come

Haaretz praises PM Netanyahu for single-handedly preventing war in Gaza. Are we in bizzaro-world, or were we just wrong about Netanyahu?