the promised podcast

Living Small

Co-housing takes off in Israel, launching an age of what some call “Kibbutz 2.0.” Is this the result of an admirable embrace of communal values, or because young folks here are being crushed by the levers of capitalism?

Primum Non Nocere

Nurses strike to keep from being punched, slapped and stabbed. How did our hospital wards and clinics become so damn violent?

A Big, Beautiful Wall?

A huge 10 meter high concrete wall is being built along Israel’s northern border, to separate us from Lebanese and Syrians who might want to do us harm. Is the safety the wall affords worth the diplomatic, environmental, and spiritual price we pay for surrounding ourselves with ghetto walls?


The enraged response of some women to a Minister of Health program to promote breastfeeding left us asking, “Should the government ‘stay out of our bras’ as their slogan insists?”

Sweat (and Splendor)

A new movie — “The Unorthodox” — tells the heroic birth story of the Sephardi Ultra-Orthodox party Shas. What does it tell us about Israel in 1983 and Israel today?


Are Druze Israelis first among second-class citizens?

Street Smarts

Experts find that Dizengoff is the best street in Israel. But what makes a street great? And why are we so bad at creating hip and happening streets?


Hundreds of Israeli corporations rush to support LGBTQ activists after the Knesset fails to extend to gay men the right to use surrogates to bear children. Business usually avoid politics like the plague: why is this issue different?

Radical Tail Wagging a Moderate Dog?

Polls show that Likud voters are socialist, gay and lesbian supporting, religious pluralists, who are far to the left of their leaders on most matters: How can this be?

The Promised Proscenium, or, A Light Unto Netflix

“Start-Up Nation” is soooo 2008. With hits on Broadway, on the silver screen, and on Netflix, Israel of 2018 is a “Stage & Screen Nation.” How the hell did that happen?