the promised podcast

Prize Possession

Should David Grossman turn down the prestigious Israel Prize? Should one accept a State Prize after they’ve ceased to prize the State (or, at least, its leaders)?

Left to Decide

In choosing a new leader, will Meretz change the direction, and the fate, of Israel’s left?

Tile and Error

A store is sued for refusing to deliver tiles and toilets to Israeli settlers on an Israeli settlement. Should companies be allowed to discriminate against folks who live over the “Green Line”?

The Lie

A fabled former head of Israel’s security services, the Shin-Bet, resigns from the Knesset because he fibbed about having been a paratrooper half a century ago. Did he really need to go?

Bribes, Fraud and Breach of Trust

Has the time come for Prime Minister Netanyahu to go?

Still and All, Israel

Every day we decide anew that Israel is where we want to live and raise our kids. Why?

The Promised Podcast Guide to Purse-String Power

If American Jews are mad that Israel’s government doesn’t respect them, should they declare a “charity strike”?

Israel’s Urban Poorgeoisie

A big study finds that Israel suffers from a “new poverty” afflicting downwardly mobile, highly-educated professions. But should such folks receive special attention over the “old poor” that have always suffered in our midsts?

Venting on Rent, Dissent and Discontent

For the first time in a generation, Israel’s government offers an “affordable rent” bill, and scholars, activists and mayors all seem to hate it. What went wrong on the way to doing something right?

Putting the “Low” in Diplomat

Why do so few talented young Israelis want to represent their country in world capitals as diplomats?