The coverage of Operation Protective Edge this summer looked very different on Israeli TV screens compared to American or European ones. Allison, Don, and Noah ask why this is, and whether should something be done to change Israeli media coverage of regional events.


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2 comments on “The great media parallax

  1. exUK says:

    What a pointless exercise that discussion was! The only reason Gaza was attacked was that Hamas were firing thousands of rockets at Israel for several years.Also that was the reason for a blockade,to attempt to stop weapons build up.There were no Israelis living in Gaza since 2005,and it was after they left Gaza that they started to attack us.Israel warned civilians BEFORE attacking buildings,by dropping leaflets and telephoning(hard to believe but TRUE!)But Hamas forced them to stay as HUMAN SHIELDS.Hamas had tunnels built with money intended for the population.These originated in mosques schools,hospitals and homes.interconnecting and exiting into Israel for attack purposes,Intention was to attack,kidnap and kill over Jewish New Year.Hamas fired rockets and had headquarters in these building and amongst children and women,drawing fire to the civilians so that they could then blame Isr.Hamas charter calls for Israel’s destruction.They do not want peace,only all of Israel.

  2. exUK says:

    Of course the journalists there were in fear of their lives if they reported THEW TRUTH.So all BBC SKY etc got were casualties with no context.Do not DARE talk about disproportionate casualties.Israel use their rockets/weapons to protect their citizens.Hamas use their citizens to protect their rocket launchers. ETC ETC ETC

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