Why did PM Netanyahu feel compelled to make this dubious statement to a journalist recently: “I do not eat unkosher foods”? Allison, Don, and Noah discuss whether the legitimacy of being an out-and-out secular politician is diminishing. Could this be a sign that secular Judaism is on the retreat?


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2 comments on “Calamari is kosher, right?

  1. stravo says:

    If we follow the Torah explanation of the origins of the Jews, it is God Who chose them & set them apart. God gave them their lands as promised. Unlike any other civilization, the Jews were handpicked by God; therefore, what is a Jew w/o his faith in God? U will not like my answer, but I will toss it out for consideration. Anyone who is an unbeliever is lost in a fallen world. In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul, a Pharisee of the Pharisees, tells us that the true Jew, the seed of Abraham, is the believer in Jesus, Eshoo bin Yosef. This leads us logically to the conclusion that today’s believer is the Jew, not those who think their blood bonds mean anything special to God. There is only one Jew, the spiritual Jew of any & all nations. Physical Israel was destroyed millennia ago. Okay, let the smearing begin.

  2. Daniel says:

    I support Secular Judaism. We don’t need ultra Orthodox Haredim controlling Israel. Its my right to drive on Shabbat, eat what I want and be open on Secular Judaism.

    I am traditional to a point. I say the Prayers on Shavvat, Celebrate holidays and respect other Orthodox Jews but I don’t want people telling me what to do

    I want a Reform movement in Israel that converts people to Judaism without keeping the Shabbat, A Reform wedding or Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, more Reform URJ synagogues in all communities etc.

    The transportation system and El AL. and malls should operate on Shabbat. If you don’t want to use them or go thats fine. If you want to go to synagogue on Shabbat and a coffee at Cafe Aroma after should be fine

    The Dan Airport Lounge at Ben Gurion is open on Shabbat and there are Jews who work on Shabbat. This should not impact the Kosher certification

    Wake up were in 2019 not 830 BCE. If a Jew wants to eat non kosher then fine. You can modernize Judaism and keep Kosher or semi Kosher at home and eat trief outside. It’s a personal choice. We’re just ax Jewish as an Orthodox Jew

    Let’s make Israel more secularized and more modernized. Going to a Night Club IAshdod or Jerusalem on Friday Night like in the US should be welcome. Again if this is not your tradition then find but please don’t impose Shomer Shabbos on Secular Jews who want to drive to the synagogue on Shabbos.

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