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Haaretz columnist and mensch Bradley Burston wrote an essay entitled “It’s Time to Admit it. Israeli Policy is What it Is: Apartheid.” It went viral, leading some to praise Burston for his heroic candor and others to throw their arms towards the heavens and scream, “Noooooooo!”

Allison, Don, and Noah ask if it makes sense – factually and politically – to use the “A word” to describe Israel. 

This is a segment from The “Israel and the ‘A Word’” Edition.

2 comments on “Israel and the “A Word”

  1. uristra says:

    many people have argued that israel proper is an apartheid state, including in the pages of haaretz (uzi ornan, may 17, 1991); in book-length studies (the books of uri davis); and in published findings of fact-finding missions of legal organizations (2001 (?) report of a national lawyers guild delegation). the case has not been rebutted, as far as i know. as acknowledged in your podcast, the question of whether israel is an apartheid state is an analytical question that has to be determined based on facts and reasoning. those who want to make the case that israel is not an apartheid state need to respond to these studies.

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