Between a Rock and a Hard-On: Israeli Women and the Patriarchy

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Amid ongoing revelations about powerful men committing harassment, abuse, and assault against women, we ask what this moment means, and also ask, particularly in the context of Israel, what can and must be done?

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This is a segment from The “Unscrewed” Edition.

One comment on “Between a Rock and a Hard-On: Israeli Women and the Patriarchy

  1. Dear Folks,
    There is a book I would like to make you aware of – something that speaks to this from history. It is by Eva Keuls, The Reign of the Phallus. California University Press. We really need to address the sexual predation among us! Men are victims of MEN and Women as well… as do Women. But this has not been looked at properly. I firmly maintain we are at the same inflection point that Greece encountered. AND DO NOT SAY MEN DON’T SEE IT. I DO. and I am a Man.

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