Can’t Spell ‘Plea Bargain’ Without ‘Rage’ and ‘Pain’

Photo: Chen Leopold/Flash90

Why are so many people so mad about a possible plea bargain that would keep former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu out of both jail and the Knesset?

This is a segment from The “Can’t Spell ‘Plea Bargain’ Without ‘Rage’ and ‘Pain’” Edition.

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2 comments on “Can’t Spell ‘Plea Bargain’ Without ‘Rage’ and ‘Pain’

  1. Mina L Gobler says:

    Why do you think Trump and Netanyahu got along so well? Because Bibi is the Israeli Trump! There are so many similarities and I marvel at the lack of comparison with the pro and anti-Trump people in the U.S. I, personally, would like to see Bibi punished to the max! Aside from what he’s done to Israelis, he came to the U.S. and meddled in politics here. Jews like me were both angry and embarrassed by his relationship with Trump as well as his meddling!

    Israel was declared a country when i was ten years old. I’ve always supported Israel and I’ve visited and toured several times. I’m realistic enough to that much of what happens politically is normal in a maturing country, however, it’s hard not to be disappointed with what I read and hear about today’s Israel – and I’m not relying on the news we get in American media.

    1. Noah says:

      Thank you for writing, Mina. I (Noah) have to admit that while I understand the comparison between former PM Netanyahu and former President Trump, I think the comparison ultimately elides as much as it reveals, and so I’d rather talk about the politics of each country on its own terms. (Having said that, if you were to compare the two on this plea-bargain issue, I think you’d find that most leftists in America would be delighted with a deal that kept Trump from being tried in New York on financial crimes, in exchange for an arrangement that prevents him from running again for president. Maybe you disagree.)

      I don’t quite share your broad disappointment with Israel. Of course, there are lots of things to be disappointed with, including some very fundamental and important things. But if someone had told your parents around the time when you were born that, in 2022, there would be a Jewish state and it would look like present day Israel, I think they would have been amazed by all that has been accomplished here in so little time. I feel like I am part of one of the greatest success stories in Jewish history, and maybe in *any* history. But that’s just me.

      So glad you wrote! We’ll always be glad to hear from you

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