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Journalist, scholar, podcaster, public intellectual Yossi Klein Halevi published an essay on the Times of Israel arguing that we’re riven between those who long for a “State of Judaism”, and those who long for a “State of Jews.” How did we get here? Yossi Klein Halevi, who joined us for the discussion, has an answer!

This is a segment from The “When Life Gives You Demons…” Edition.

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2 comments on “WWYS, or What Would Yossi Say?

  1. Allen Minitzer says:

    A incisive discussion indeed! If it ever comes to a situation where I’m forced to choose between being a proud Jew but not religious or having to toe the orthodox line to continue being a Jew in Israel, I’ll opt out of being an Israeli Jew.

  2. Noah Efron says:

    Thanks, Allen! I am 100%-it’s-a-mortal-lock-certain that you will never face that choice. In fact, guarantee it. If I’m wrong, and we meet in the port one day, on the gang-plank up to a ship taking away all those who don’t want to live in a Halakhic state, I’ll buy you the beverage of your choice at the ship’s snack-bar. Any size, too – even Grande.

    I appreciate your writing.


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