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The novelist Ronit Matalon has a new novel published just months ago in English translation, The Sound of Our Steps. Host Marcela Sulak reads an extract from the novel, in which the narrator recalls the nightly ritual of hearing her mother’s steps leading up to her dramatic entrance to the house:

What did she put on her feet back then, which shoes, or to be more precise, how did she prepare for battle, how, with what? That sense of purpose she had, to the last detail, the sacred air of purpose, how she loved what was useful, necessary.

To find out more about Matalon, born in Israel in 1959 to a family of Egyptian-Jewish descent, listen to The One Facing Us: Ronit Matalon’s family album, recorded in November 2015.

Ronit Matalon, The Sound of Our Steps. Translated by Dalya Bilu. Henry Holt & Co., 2015.

Rivka Zohar – HaBayit Leyad HaMesila
Schubert – String Quintet in C (Adagio)
Chava Alberstein – Pgisha LeEin Kets

Producer: Laragh Widdess
Technical producer: Alex Benish

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