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The hymnal poet-paver of the roads of Israel – Israel in Translation

Called ‘Lashonsky’ for his comic wit, linguistic innovations and irrepressible puns, every child in Israel knows Avraham Shlonsky’s version of the German Rumpelstiltskin fairytale: Utzli Gutzli.

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Natan Alterman’s agricultural contributions – Israel in Translation

Some know Natan Alterman as an Israeli poet, playwright, journalist and translator; others know his song “Kalaniot”; but few know he brought a popular species of tomato to Israel.

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‘A story of heroes and villains, of sorrow and glory’ – Israel in Translation

Manger Street is a ‘crook’ of a street in North Tel Aviv – perfect for our Yiddish-speaking prankster Itzik Manger, author of ‘The Songs of the Megillah.’

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