Business & Technology

Tal Keinan on the price of Israel’s regional economic isolation

In 2005, Tal Keinan co-founded Clarity Capital, the first investment firm to export Israeli asset management services abroad.

Professor Simon Benninga on the challenges facing Israeli academia

Israeli academia has a worldwide reputation. However, with the majority of Israeli PhD holders employed abroad, the challenge is stopping the brain drain.

Punching above your weight: Paul Solomon on the story of Google Israel

In 2005 Google opened its offices in Israel to harvest the best engineering talent Israel had to offer.

Think local: How to break foreign markets with Yossi Goldschmidt, CEO of Adama India

In 2009, Yossi Goldschmidt boarded a plane tasked with founding the India branch of Makhteshim Agan (now Adama Agricultural Solutions).

The Times of Israel’s David Horovitz on overcoming the crisis in journalism

In 2012, following a lengthy career in print journalism, David Horovitz co-founded the news and opinion site The Times of Israel.

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved on “putting money where his mouth is”

Jon Medved is the CEO of OurCrowd, the Israeli equity crowdfunding platform changing the face of angel investment.

Can worms save the planet?

An Israeli company has developed a new type of compost that employs red worms to break down organic matter.

The Nova Project: Rolling Up Your Sleeves in Business

The Nova Project has business students lining up to take part in it’s volunteer consulting programs. Shahar Cohen explains why.

The Prize4Life’s ALS challenge

Dr. Neta Zach is the chief scientific officer of Prize4Life, she talks about the result oriented non-profit organization and how they promote research for treatments for ALS.

Start Up Ramallah

What does the Ramallah start-up scene look like? And what in the world does it have to do with sex?