Israel in Translation

Natan Alterman’s agricultural contributions – Israel in Translation

Some know Natan Alterman as an Israeli poet, playwright, journalist and translator; others know his song “Kalaniot”; but few know he brought a popular species of tomato to Israel.

Yocheved Bat Miriam, a poet on the threshold – Israel in Translation

Yocheved Bat Miriam is unique among Hebrew language poets for holding the land of her birth and the land of her life in equal esteem.

‘A story of heroes and villains, of sorrow and glory’ – Israel in Translation

Manger Street is a ‘crook’ of a street in North Tel Aviv – perfect for our Yiddish-speaking prankster Itzik Manger, author of ‘The Songs of the Megillah.’

A Yiddish tale of love, pogroms and Jewish mysticism – Israel in Translation

We look at one of I.L.Peretz’ most famous Yiddish plays – a tragic-comic shtetl ghost love story.

The founder of Cultural Zionism: Just one of the people – Israel in Translation

We dip into the writings of Ahad Ha’am, the founder of cultural Zionism, who foresaw the conflict and its solution.

The Renaissance Man from Odessa – Israel in Translation

Shaul Tchernihovsky was a physician, linguist, naturalist, and poet who translated from 15 different literatures into Hebrew.

Defeating armies and taking names – Israel in Translation

How did two Israeli women save the day by defeating a few ancient armies?

Yaakov Shabtai’s vernacular – Israel in Translation

Discover Yaakov Shabtai’s single-paragraph novel, Past Continuous, the first truly vernacular work in the Hebrew language.

A poet beloved by one and all – Israel in Translation

The poet Zelda Schneersohn Mishkovsky was Amos Oz’s first love, first cousin to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and beloved by all Israelis, religious or secular.